The Story of Simret

A Union, My Passion, A Family Affair

Our family relocated from London to Ghana in 2005 where Azanne, my husband, continued to practice law. Although I graduated in Business Information Systems, I spent most of my time looking after our children and garden. At the urging of some Ethiopian friends, I was persuaded to set up Simret. There had been two Ethiopian restaurants in Accra that closed when their owners left Ghana. I decided to press ahead when space later became available at our property Villa Almaz, which is located conveniently adjacent to our residence.

My husband helps with Tax, Vat, the Tourist Authority, Fire Service, District Health Office, Registrar General Department, etc. It beggars belief the amount of time spent on such matters. My husband has also been our interior designer, Chief Food Taster, a constant critic, and sometimes a waiter. My son Elias has worked as a waiter and cashier when we have been busy although he has now gone away to university. My daughter Almaz Simret is also away at graduate school but she lent us her middle name and continues to be our chief publicist.

Simret means union. It is not just a business. It is my passion. It is a family affair. I hope we have succeeded in uniting the ambiance of Ghana with the delicious cuisine of Ethiopia.

- Tsige Gebreselase Akainyah

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